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An All-Inclusive App for Shopping, Commuting, and More!

The Everything App is the Perfect Solution for you to start your On-demand Business. Our Qualified and Experienced Professionals will White-label the app for you, integrating your Brand Name, Logo, Color Theme, and more. Before launching your App, our QA experts run several Tests to ensure it is Glitch-free. So that you can Focus on Growing your Business without worrying about Fixing the Bugs yourself.

What’s keeping you from getting your hands on the Best Careem Clone on the Market? Try our Demo App Today to see how our Cutting-edge Solution will help you Succeed. We have been developing Careem-like Apps since 2005! And so we have the Right Tools and Industry Knowledge to provide matchless Technical Solutions for all your Business Needs!

All-In-One App for Your Customers

With our App, you can offer your Customers a Wide Range of On-demand Services. Your Users will be able to Order Store-based Deliveries, Taxi and Moto Rides, Parcel Deliveries, and more. Just a Few Taps and they'll have What they need, Whenever they need it.

  • Taxi booking app
    Taxi & Moto Rides

    Allows your users to Book Taxi and Moto Rides from A to B Locations anytime. In fact, this Careem Clone Service makes Users' Lives Easier by providing features like Location Detection, Online Payments, an SOS Button, etc. You’ll be able to offer Cheap Moto Rides to your Users along with Rentals and Quick Bookings.

  • Store-based Delivery
    Store-based Delivery

    This service allows your Users to Order Anything they want from the Stores and get Doorstep Deliveries with a Click. Users can easily Place Orders and Make Payments for a Variety of Items, such as Food, Groceries, Medicines, Flowers, etc.

  • Parcel Delivery app
    Parcel Delivery

    Your users can Send Parcels like Furniture, Books, Flowers, etc. from A to B Locations. They only need to describe the Items, choose a Vehicle, and Enter Pickup and Dropoff Locations! A Professional Delivery Driver picks up and Delivers Parcels within minutes.

  • Video Consultation
    Video Consultation

    Your users will be able to Video Consult with Lawyers, Tutors, Fitness Coaches, and many other Professionals. From booking Quick Consultation Sessions to Scheduling them for a Later Date and Time, people can use this Service Anytime!

  • Shops delivery app

    Users can Register with your App and offer P2P Ride-sharing Services. They can easily Post Trip Details and Accept Ride Requests, while others can Search for Matching Rides! Also, they can Book the Seats and Pay for them Online.

  • Book 101+ Services!
    Book 101+ Services!

    Using this App, you can Offer 101+ On-demand Services, making it easier for Users to Find everything they Need. You can offer Medical Services, Service Bidding, Buy/Sell/Rent Properties, Cars, and Items, and Multiple other Services.

Careem Clone Demo: See How It Works

Want to see how our Careem Clone App Works? Watch our Demo App Video that shows you the Main Service Categories and Features of the App and their Working Mechanisms. And if you like what you see, Connect with Us. We'll help you Design your Cutting-edge The Everything App.

Careem Clone demo

The Everything App Features

Check out the Key Features of your Careem Clone App that’ll take your Business from 0 to 100 in a Flash.

  • Quick Support Quick Support

    Having trouble? Our Team is always here to Quickly Respond and Resolve all your Queries as soon as possible!

  • Multi-platform Solutions Multi-platform Solutions

    We offer you 360-degree Solutions, including iOS and Android Apps, an Admin Panel, a Website, and much more.

  • Quick Turnaround Time Fastest project delivery

    Our team of 52+ Experts works hard to deliver you Glitch-free and High-performing apps in just 1–2 Weeks.

The Everything App like Careem Package?

Our Careem Clone Script is the Perfect Solution for you! It's easy to Run, Responsive, and Works on all Devices. We've put in the Hard Work, so you can start Making Money instantly. Here’s a Sneak Peek of everything you get with the Purchase of our Package.

user app User Apps
user android and ios app
Driver apps Driver Apps
driver android and ios app
store apps Store Apps
store android and ios apps
website & admin panel Website & Admin Panel
front panel
supporting panels Supporting Panels
organization panel

Why Should We Work Together?

We're the Best in the Business. Need proof? Here are just a Few Reasons why we should Work Together to build your Careem Clone App.

  • Choice of Language Choice of Language

    We will integrate the choice of your language in the app for smooth operations anywhere in the world.

  • Choice of Currency Choice of Currency

    We will be happy to integrate your choice of currency in the app to ensure that you can launch it anywhere in the world.

  • White Labeled apps for you White Labeled apps for you

    We reskin the app with your brand name, logo, choice of language, and choice of currency for you.

  • Launch on the App stores Launch on the App stores

    We take complete responsibility of launching the apps on the iTunes app store and the Google Play store for you.

  • Cashless transactions Cashless transactions

    Enable your users to go cashless with our enhanced payment gateway suitable for your country.

  • Schedule options Schedule options

    Let your users book rides now and schedule them for later. They can set the pickup time for anytime in the near future.

  • Expertise Expertise

    We have a team with over a decade’s experience in mobile technology. We launch an average of 2 apps per day and have over 1320 apps worldwide.

  • End to End solutions End to End solutions

    Our business solutions are holistic in nature and will help you establish your business and earn revenue instantly.

Screen Flow of Our Application

Go through the Screen Flow of our Careem Clone app to see what your App will Look Like!

  • user booking (Taxi,Common delivery,Fly)
  • user booking (Taxi,Common delivery,Fly)
  • user booking option (Food Delivery, Grocery Delivery, Moto Ride)
  • user app menu
  • driver gets online
  • driver app menu
  • driver accept or decline ride request
  • driver arrived
  • new order list
  • order confirm or decline
  • restaurant assign to delivery driver
  • delivery driver confirmation
Web Panel

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Careem Clone App?

The cost of Developing your Multi service app like Careem depends on Several Factors. The Cost greatly depends on the Features you want to Incorporate, the Platform you want to Build it on, and so on.

However, in general, when you choose our Ready-to-Launch Solutions, you can Develop and Launch your App within an Affordable Budget.

Want more Information? Check out our Pricing Page for in-depth Details.

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