ride and delivey business during Covid19

One Stop Solution To Offer On-Demand Ride booking with Food, Grocery Delivery Services

Gain a competitive edge with well-crafted user-centric features coupled with a robust admin dashboard. We not only deliver you Careem Clone App but also provide you with all the latest plugins for glitch-free working all the way long. We have custom solutions and a ready-to-go Careem clone app that include all the necessary features you need to kick-start a booming multi-service online business similar to Careem App.

If you are looking for a premium technology partner to develop Careem Clone App on a targeted budget? Let’s try our Careem Clone demo apps to know in detail about our service offerings in real-time. We are a standard application development company serving the software industry for years by consistently providing matchless technical solutions for a variety of On-demand businesses operating across the globe.

Careem Clone App – Simplify And Improve The Lives Of Your Users

Wondering what all you can do with Careem Clone? These are the 6 On-demand service categories that you can run with our simple solution. Run multiple on-demand businesses with one single app.
  • Taxi booking app

    A user-friendly feature for the riders to book a taxi from anywhere and anytime with ease. The features are inspired from the top taxi ride-hailing app like Careem, it comprises stellar components that provide glitch-free functionality boosting an unforgettable user experience all the way long.

  • Moto sharing app

    This fantastic feature was built to ensure that you can offer cheap rides to your customers while giving anyone with a bike an opportunity to make money by helping people get places. It allows users to book a two wheeler by simply tapping the button on the feature, and a driver arrives with a selected two wheeler at the defined location, literally on demand.

  • Food Delivery app
    Food Delivery

    Allow your customers to find great restaurants and meal deals. Find, filter by country/area & category, and interact with great restaurants in your neighborhood. See daily specials, announcements, build loyalty points, happy hour finder, food ordering, digital reviews and feedback, a complete restaurant tool kit in a convenient application.

  • Grocery Delivery app
    Grocery Delivery

    Serve your customers at their doorstep with our on-demand grocery delivery feature. Automating your grocery delivery business with smooth functioning, saves time, better management, and a long term customer base. On the other hand, this grocery delivery mirrors all the facilities of an offline store - a list of products, prices, shopping cart, check out, and get delivery at doorsteps.

  • Shops delivery app

    Pre-packed with robust features that help your customers get just about order anything and get it delivered right to your customer’s doorstep. Whether it is Clothes, Shoes, Home Products/Electronics, Cosmetics, and so on allowing your customers to order with few taps and get them deliver everything to their homes.

  • Parcel Delivery app
    Parcel Delivery

    Now deliver more orders in less time. available on both iOS and Android. Embellished with incredible features provides easy access instantly to the customers so that they can book their package or parcel delivery slot just with a click, to be picked up and safely delivered to the recipient. The application offers user-friendly features and redefines parcel delivery with simplicity.

Careem Clone 2021 Advanced Features

  • Restricted passengers limit Restricted passengers limit
  • Face mask verification Face mask verification
  • Safety checklistSafety checklist
  • Ride cancellation
  • Safety Ratings & Reviews
  • Apply Toll Cost Manually Taxi feature
  • Taxi Fare Calculation 2 Models (Fixed model and Incremental Model) Taxi Feature
  • Multi level referral system General Feature
  • Store wise commission
  • Day wise separate timeslots
  • Item name searching

Real-Time App Demo Of Careem Clone

We love to show you our Careem Clone App and see for yourself the app's performance and functionality.

Here is the demo video of Careem Clone explaining the 6 category features and work mechanism of the application.

Collaborate with us to design you with a world-beating Careem Clone App solution envied by your competition.

Careem Clone demo

Careem Clone Features

We have all the superior features to make your taxi app a huge success with our Careem app clone
  • Great Support, Always Great Support, Always

    Need any help? Our team is always there with you to answer all your queries.

  • FREE Source Code Holistic App

    We offer you the Driver app, the Rider app (both Android and iOS) along with the web admin panel and the marketing website.

  • Quick Turnaround Time Fastest App delivery

    Our team works really hard and delivered your app ready to launch in just 3 to 4 days!

Careem Clone

Time to Earn a lot with the Careem Clone

Our experienced staff has put in a lot of research and effort in order to develop this seamless app which is absolutely easy to run. This is one of the most robust turnkey solutions available in the industry today. We have specifically built this app to maximize your profits and ensure success for you! Our Careem clone script is absolutely responsive and works flawlessly over android, iOS and web. We ensure that your business is successful. With our feature rich applications, you are certain to start making money instantly!

  • Careem Clone script

Buy Careem Clone App now!

We are one of the leaders in building some of the best apps all over the world. Need more reasons to buy from us? Here they are
  • Choice of Language Choice of Language

    We will integrate the choice of your language in the app for smooth operations anywhere in the world.

  • Choice of Currency Choice of Currency

    We will be happy to integrate your choice of currency in the app to ensure that you can launch it anywhere in the world.

  • White Labeled apps for you White Labeled apps for you

    We reskin the app with your brand name, logo, choice of language, and choice of currency for you.

  • Launch on the App stores Launch on the App stores

    We take complete responsibility of launching the apps on the iTunes app store and the Google Play store for you.

  • Cashless transactions Cashless transactions

    Enable your users to go cashless with our enhanced payment gateway suitable for your country.

  • Schedule options Schedule options

    Let your users book rides now and schedule them for later. They can set the pickup time for anytime in the near future.

  • Expertise Expertise

    We have a team with over a decade’s experience in mobile technology. We launch an average of 2 apps per day and have over 600 apps worldwide.

  • End to End solutions End to End solutions

    Our business solutions are holistic in nature and will help you establish your business and earn revenue instantly.

Flow Of On Demand App Like Careem

Sneak A Peek On The Flow Of The Application With A Screen By Screen Description.
  • user booking (Taxi,Common delivery,Fly)
  • user booking (Taxi,Common delivery,Fly)
  • user booking option (Food Delivery, Grocery Delivery, Moto Ride)
  • user app menu
  • taxi booking
  • driver gets online
  • driver app menu
  • driver accept or decline ride request
  • driver arrived
  • driver arrival confirmation notification
  • new order list
  • order confirm or decline
  • restaurant assign to delivery driver
  • delivery driver confirmation
  • restaurant order statistics
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Screenshot Of Website Dashboard Panel & Functionality

Preview how our highly interactive, user-friendly UI/UX website assists users to register and place their orders in a jiffy.
  • Login

    Users can login from here using eMail or Mobile number. They can also login using their Facebook, Linked In and Gmail accounts.

  • Register

    Users can login from here using eMail or Mobile number. They can also login using their Facebook, Linked In and Gmail accounts.

  • Taxi Booking
    Taxi Booking

    Users can mention their Pick up and Drop off locations, personal details and book the Taxi through Website.

  • Choose Taxi Types
    Choose Taxi Types

    User can choose the Vehicle Type, provide other details and can send the request to nearby Driver.

  • Parcel Delivery
    Parcel Delivery

    User can mention their Parcel details, address of the Recipient and choose the Vehicle type.

  • Fly

    User can book Fly/Elevator through Website by mention the Pick up station and Drop Off Station.

  • Fly Options
    Fly Options

    User can choose the different Fly options available like Normal Jet, Business Jet etc.

  • Moto Booking
    Moto Booking

    Users can mention their Pick up and Drop off locations, personal details and book the Taxi through Website.

  • Choose Moto Types
    Choose Moto Types

    User can choose the Vehicle Type, provide other details and can send the request to nearby Moto Driver.

  • Ordering Food
    Ordering Food / Groceries

    Users can provide their current location.

  • List Of Restaurants
    List Of Restaurants

    Based on User's current location.

  • Choose Food Items
    Choose Food Items

    User can choose Food Items and Place the Order.

  • List Of Grocery Stores
    List Of Grocery Stores

    Based on User's current location.

  • Choose Grocery Items
    Choose Grocery Items

    User can choose Grocery Items and Place the Order.

Screenshot Of Seamless Administrator Panel

Preview the dashboard that seamlessly run, and manage multiple service deliveries effortlessly from a single place.
  • Dashboard
  • Site Statistics
    Site Statistics
  • Admin Groups Management
    Admin Groups Management
  • Companies Management
    Companies Management
  • Manage Drivers
    Manage Drivers
  • Manage Rental Packages
    Manage Rental Packages
  • Manage Fly Stations
    Manage Fly Stations
  • Manage Fly Vehicle Types
    Manage Fly Vehicle Types
  • Manage Fly Fare
    Manage Fly Fare
  • Users Management
    Users Management
  • Manual booking
    Manual booking
  • Ride/Job Later Bookings
    Ride/Job Later Bookings
  • Manage Trips
    Manage Trips
  • Manage Restaurants
    Manage Restaurants
  • Order Food Manually
    Order Food Manually
  • User Wallet Report
    User Wallet Report
  • payment report
    payment report
  • geo fence locations
    geo fence locations
  • general settings
    general settings

What does the whole app look like?

Understand the detailed layout of the app by checking the screen by screen flow of the application right here.
  • Introduction to Food Service
  • Manage Services and Rates
  • Referral Code
  • Services Arrangement in Landing Screen of User App
  • Geo Fence Location and Restricted Area
  • Manage Surge Charges
  • Manage Services and Rates
  • In App Caling VOIP based for Call Masking
  • Working of Kiosk Application
  • Placing Manual Food Order from Restaurant Web Panel
  • Placing Manual Food Order from Administrator Panel / Back End
  • order Food
  • Rent A Taxi
  • Service Provider Account Activation
  • Content Management of Application and website
  • Change Destination Location
  • Tip to Driver
  • Car Pool
  • Personal and Corporate Profile
  • Book Taxi Someone Else
  • Favorite Driver
  • Multiple Destination Stops
  • Membership Subscription
  • Notification and Sounds Management
  • Driver Destination Mode
  • Admin Groups Permissions
  • Airport Rides / Surcharges
  • Block fraud Users
  • Booking Services through Website
  • Cancellation and Waiting Charges
  • Book a Taxi through Hotel Panel on behalf of your Customer
  • Fix Fare from X to Y Locations
  • Uber Fly Clone / Air Flight On Demand
  • News Feed and Notifications
  • Promo code
  • Real-time Chat
  • Shop-Stop-Eat while Riding - HOLD/PAUSE your Ride While a Taxi / Moto Trip is ON
  • Tracking Taxi / Moto Trip Location by Family & Friends - CubeX2020 App
  • Provider & Vehicle Verification

Technology Stack For Building Careem Clone

We Build The Handy Clone Using The Latest Technology Stack Ensuring Smooth And Fast Operations Of The Solution All Time With Zero Hassles.
  • ios
  • java
  • php
  • bootstrap
  • swift
  • android
  • jquery
  • mysql
  • linux
  • Node js
  • Socket Cluster
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